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8 January 2010

Dear friends:

A year has pasted since the Israeli Defense Forces inflected a collective punishment to the Palestinian people living in Gaza. The war on Gaza killed 1400Palestinians (13 Israelis died) and destroyed thousands of building, factories and homes. The war and the blockade on Gaza is a crime against humanity and common sense. However, what have stroked me the most was not the usual Israeli brutality that we are all used to since Israel occupied Palestine in 1948 and attacked and occupied Lebanon in 1982 and 2006, but the continuous and absolute Western failures to put an end to this massacre.

War on Gaza

Gaza Map

Perhaps we should try to open our eyes and think for a second about what have done the West to solve the Palestinian conflict. After various negotiations rounds fostered and promoted by the U.S., the E.U., and other Arab countries it seems that the Israeli approach and vision for the Middle East prevails in the region and so far the confidence and trust that the Palestinian people has put on European and American mediation and initiatives has brought little change and progress to the Palestinian people under occupation. Moreover each day, the Palestinians are losing more land, properties, rights and liberties than ever. They are living under an apartheid regime that is denying any hope for achieving any workable solution for both communities. The Israeli and Western powers are succeeding in dividing more and more the Palestinians, and while Hammas and Fatah keep fighting for power, the Israeli occupier keeps growing and strengthening its power and capabilities over the occupied land.

It is shameful for me as an Spaniard and European to see how my country and the European community failed to protect the rights of thousands of innocent civilians. At the same time, I am very sad to see how countries like Egypt are ignoring the Palestinian people, closing the border with Gaza and building an iron wall that will isolated even more the people in Gaza. The entire international community is failing to put stop to this brutal slaughter which today is justify on a futile, ill-designed and endless war on terror which already has become part of the problem instead of a solution. Where are we going? When Obama will realized that they are trying to kill bees with cannon balls?

Translation - "The High One Built the High Dam", and (bottom): "The Low One built the Low Dam."

Mubarak wall of shame

It is clear that Western and major Arab powers are failing to provide security, peace and justice to the Palestinian people. This is causing the necessary expansion of the military resistance against the Israeli occupation, foreign intervention and government corruption and despotism. I am not sure of the amount of popularity that Hammas has in Gaza these days but Hezbollah’s resistance in Lebanon keeps growing everyday as it is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran. Weather we like it or not, Hezbollah’s  outstanding performance in 2006 has demonstrated to many Lebanese that the party’s military capabilities to defend Lebanon are better that the State old and inefficient army. What will do the Lebanese when Israel attacks again? Could Israel destroyed Hezbollah without wiping out entirely Lebanon? How will react Syria and Iran under this scenario; these are all questions that really worries me as probably thousand of Lebanese and Arabs around the globe.

Unfortunately the solution to the Palestinian problem won’t be solved only with Western mediation and interference alone but with the unification of all the people, organizations and nations against Israeli aggressions. The resistance has envisioned this role clearly and it is coordinating its operations with the Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians are attempting to create a unified front that is spreading along the region. How long will al Fatah hold on void plans and promises from the West it is also an interesting questions that Israel and the US should be asking themselves if they really want to set up peace and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis. So far Western powers have failed to pressed enough Israel to provided a workable solution for any of the major issues surrounding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: the creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem (East), the return of millions of refugees, the release of hundreds of thousand of prisoners, and the destruction of the wall that is dividing and isolating hundreds of Palestinian villages among other issues.

On the other hand, if the negotiations succeed on these issues, the Palestinian government should recognize Israel and include Syria and Lebanon on the negotiation table. The problem of refugees, the occupation of the Golan Heights and the She’ba Farms are also fundamental territorial issues that should be addressed in order to achieve any stable and solution. Again, in any peace settlement or peace negotiation, the parties involved should not fail to include any party that is directly or indirectly affected in the conflict. I strongly believe that there is still the possibility of a solution before more lives are lost. We need to understand that the only wish left for many Palestinians and resistance supporters is to hit Israel as much harder as they can. There is the belief that a major israeli military defeat will make Israel reconsider its domestic and foreign policies on the Middle East. There is not much time, and we are losing a precious opportunity that could save hundreds or thousands of lives.

I believe that we, those who support this cause, should think about what we have done wrong and where we have failed. There is still a lot people out there that do not know or understand the seriousness of this conflict. Those of us that we know and we care about this conflict must do an extra effort to show and make people understand what is going on in this land.

Also I want to call all the supporters of the Palestinian people to stop buying Israeli products: (new campaign, very interesting).

Thus I urge all my friends and colleagues to pressure their government as much as they can to stop this brutal acts of aggression. Gaza is not a concentration camp. They days of Auschwitz are over. Here in Madrid with the help of several Palestinians and Arab friends we have demonstrated in front of the Egyptian embassy demanding the opening of the border to these people who are only bringing some medicines and first aid material to the people in Gaza. Please see Aljazeera English article at: Egypt opens Gaza border crossing

Finally, I want to express as well the deep disappointment that I feel about the Spanish press that haven’t dedicate a word to what is going on in Gaza. Their laconic and trimmed coverage from the Spanish media is pathetic and as a result ignorance and disinformation about Gaza and this conflict keeps spreading among the population.

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  1. 16 January 2010 9:15 am

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