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A Bloody Plan

26 January 2011
Sahara Occidental

Foto tomada por Reyes de Juan

Hello friends,

Here is my last post in The Majallah. I am happy with it although the editing took its toll. At the beginning of the article I said that:

“The clashes, which had started at the Gadaym Izik refugee camp, proved to be a turning point in the history of the conflict between Morocco and the Sahrawis. What was a peaceful demonstration against the high rate of unemployment and lack of social services escalated into full-scale clashes between Moroccan security forces and camp residents that lasted several days, resulting in the death of 10 Moroccan policemen and two Sahrawis, in addition to the arrest of 163 people.”

The camp cannot be described as refugee camp because it was a camp that was built outside the city of Alayoun in order to protest against the Moroccan government.

Besides this, I think everything is fine and I hope you like it.

A Bloody Plan

Looking forward to hear your comments, and I am specially interested in hear what the readers may think about the relationship with what is happening in Tunisia and the Sahawan struggle. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to bring this cause to the forefront.

Finally I would also ask you to subscribe to my blog. It is a simple gesture and it will make my job a bit easier. I hate when I forget to include someone in the list of emails.

Mare Vostrum

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