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Spain’s ‘Real Democracy Now’ movement

30 May 2011
Plaza de Sol

Plaza de Sol por Daniel F. Rivera

Hello friends,

Today, I would like to share with you my new piece in Al-Jazeera English. This time I focus on my beloved country Spain and how our people is bravely reacting to this crisis that is threating to change everything we know in this country.

I hope you like it. Here I leave you with part of the text and the link that takes you to the original article. As always, I am looking forward to hear your comments.

Anger, irritation, annoyance and even rage are some of the most common adjectives used by protestors camping at Plaza del Sol in Madrid. The massive series of demonstrations that started on May 15 gathered people from all classes and ages. Mothers came with their children; professors and lawyers gave improvised speeches at every corner of the plaza, protesters started building tents and other facilities.

The 15M movement or “Real Democracy Now – DYR” – started as a public outcry denouncing political corruption and unemployment that has soared to unprecedented levels. Some 25 per cent of the labour force can’t find a job and almost 50 per cent of young people are unemployed.

They united against what they see as an outrageous situation produced by bankers and politicians. Nerea, an active demonstrator with some physical disabilities, put it this way: “Right now we have political corruption, banks that are abusing our people, there is not access to housing and we can’t find proper jobs. I’m a graphic designer and I’m studying advertising and the only job the administration offers me is to become a teleoperator.”

Nerea’s views are just one of many similar claims that we find among protesters in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and other major cities. People also began to demonstrate in front of the Spanish embassies in Berlin, New York, Egypt and Ecuador.

Joan, a Spanish demonstrator, protesting in front of the Spanish Embassy in Quito, Ecuador, commented: “This is not a demonstration against the socialist government of Rodriguez Zapatero. The problem is that democracy does not care about the interests of the people anymore. Powerful people, banks and corporations have sneaked between us and the politicians.”

“We know how to do it; we know how to organise ourselves. This is a way to demonstrate to our politicians that the people are smarter than they think.”

Now some pictures I hav from the Plaza:

Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol, 15M, Daniel F. Rivera

Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol por Daniel F. Rivera

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  1. ana permalink
    2 October 2011 9:27 pm

    Se ha propuesto en acampadavigo, y también en la lista de NLV, “escribir en todos los billetes que usemos la leyenda “Democracia real ya!!”.
    Se ha propuesto escribir la frase en Inglés (“Real Democracy Now!”)ya que en Europa hay alrededor de 500.000.000 de habitantes, y nuestros billetes giran por todo el mundo. También se ha propuesto escribirlo al estilo Twitter: #democraciarealya #spanishrevolution Todas ellas son válidas. Lo importante es hacerlo de verdad y habitualmente y no dejar que caiga en saco roto.

    Si te preocupa que no los acepten, se pueden cambiar en el banco. Los billetes de banco no se invalidan por contener escrituras, sellos tampones o marcajes. Sólo quedan inutilizados si se destruye más del 50% de la pieza.

  2. ana permalink
    2 October 2011 9:28 pm


    …. los billetes giran por todo el mundo :




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